Mermaids and mermen all over the world love Organic Armor circlets!

We get tagged on instagram almost daily with lovely people in tails wearing our filigree and sea creature circlets. I decided to put them together in a little video as a way to learn how to use Windows Photo app. The music is pretty dorky and the app crashes regularly without saving so I would not recommend it, but I did manage to make this 😉

The merfolk seen in here in (sort of) order of appearance, are:
Enakai Fairyfish, Mermaid Jacinta, Abbie Tok, Syrena, Mermaid Celeste, Mermaid Kairi, HFXmermaid, the Ginger Merman, Skulls & Scales, Merman Khalen, Merman Arion, Merman Garnet, Moon Mermaid, Mermaid Morganna, Mermaid Jessica Pearl, Dhameer Kennedy, Mermaid Koralia, Mermaid Regina, Mermaid Crystal, Shelby Coral, the Introverted Mermaid, Milynn Sarley, Hannah Mermaid, Ny Merman, Resting Beachface, Vicky Mermaid, Seria Veneno, Essie Mermaid, Finfolk Productions, Sacramento Merman

There were many other tags. My downloading and organizing of them was kind of haphazard. We appreciate every one and try to like and comment on as many of them as we can.