persephone headdressWe’ve been working with Winter Kelly from WinterWolf Studios for many years. Some of our best images come from her. She is a model and photographer with an eye for simple yet otherworldly beauty, backed up by masterful technical skill. Based in Ohio, we first found her on Deviant Art as Girltripped, where she is still active. Her regular MUA Ruby Randall contributes a lot to the consistent quality of the work as well.

We did a collab with her a couple of weeks ago and just got these lovely shots back. Paul made the headdress especially for this, using the fan shaped crown style that we developed for the Queen of the Damned. He’s been wanting to explore that shape further.

The setting and expression make me think of Persephone descending into Hades for the winter, which feels quite appropriate here on the east coast of north america right now. The wood stove is fired up and the last leaves are falling. But the brilliant reds of the Japanese maples are still lighting up the neighborhood.

Hope you are cozy wherever you are.

winter goddess