IMG_1116We just taught our first “Introduction to the Organic Armor Arts” in a live weekend workshop. It went so well we have already scheduled the next one: April 16 and 17.

We had six creative people attending, three of whom drove from out of state to get here, and one who left her newborn with Dad for the first time in order to come! We are honored by their enthusiasm. We capped the workshop at six to make sure there was plenty of space and time for each student.

They had a variety of backgrounds: a couple of long time Burning Man folks wanting to enhance their festival wear, a fairy fest vender with some experience with latex elf ears, a pair of designers from a theater company looking for new tools, and a model/artist who wants to do it all!

We guided them through the 7 steps, as they are outlined in the online course: design, building the base, construction, coating, lacryl, painting, and finishing touches. They made a set of upper armbands, learning techniques that they can apply to all kinds of other forms afterward.

Because it’s live and takes place in the studio where all the magic happens, they were able to ask a lot of questions not covered in the online course, and see our various works in progress like the Lionfish vest. The live workshop students also get access to the online course included in the price. Two of them told us later that this has helped to reinforce what they learned hands on. They are all excited to start sharing their projects on the private Facebook group.

It was really a pleasure getting to know them all and we realized that we would like to do this regularly. We are also going to take it on the road at some point, maybe next fall after the Halloween rush. If you would like to host an Organic Armor Arts workshop in your city or venue, contact us. We are actively figuring out how to make this work.