leaf 13

Sayo in Skull Hathor headdress at LEAF

It’s been another amazing year of running Organic Armor.

I just gathered a bunch of photos in our Events 2013 gallery. Take a look!

We have grown/evolved so much in these past 12 months. Building better infrastructure has been one of our main goals and we have succeeded! The new studio, new website, new admin systems… these have started to pay off with smoother production, happier working conditions,  and higher quality work. Yeah!

We have had the opportunity to work with some of the most fun, creative, patient customers. There’s been a lot of cosplay this year: Queen Soridormi, Lady Loki,  Angela from Spawn, to name a few. Each custom project has it’s challenges and gifts.

We are filled with gratitude for the trust and investment you guys make in our work.

We are going dark for a few days. Time for some much needed R&R in sunny, warm Florida!

I hope you brilliant, crazy people have a wonderful New Year!