greenman greenwoman We’ve been working on a custom Greenwoman vest, based on the Greenman tail coat that Paul made about 6 years ago for Burning Man 2007. Our customer, Emily, is a LARPer from the UK. We’ve developed many new techniques since 2007 and Paul was able to create the new version with many refinements.

He made different sized molds for the leaves, and with the sprayer was able to give it a smooth finish in the hundreds of nooks and crannies. He built it on our big gold mannequin, Oscar, because he has nice broad shoulders to hold up the flared pauldron shaped shoulders of the vest.

During construction Paul called upon a couple of artists in the building to try it on so he could see how it moved and hung on a real person. Then he refined it again, tucking here, opening there. This is one of the things that makes our work so special, and why it takes so long!

We’d love to make another one for someone, and a top hat to match. You could be the ringmaster of the forest!

greenman greenwoman greenman greenwoman

greenman greenwoman in process

in process