Poisoned Spoon in an Organic Armor cuff, photo by Modern Scribe Photography

Came across this quote today ‎

“All things you see will be changed, and out of their substance will make other things and again others, so the world may be ever new.”
Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor

It resonates on many levels. Made me think of a machine with a big funnel on top. Pouring into it are:

Victorian petticoats, Star Wars helmets, Tolkien landscapes, vaudeville music, tribal belly dance moves, medieval playing cards, zombie movies, steampunk tinkering, Mass Effect, opera on the playa, Norse mythology, ibex horns and much more…

And coming out the bottom is Organic Armor!

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Most of what I tweet is not the same as what is posted on Facebook or the blog. I use twitter as an excuse to troll the web for weird, beautiful art and off-beat, alt culture links.

I love promoting an eclectic variety of artists, especially sculptors and photographers, in the hopes that someone else will find a work as surprising and wonderful as I do.

You’ll also find articles about Burning Man and masquerade culture, notices of upcoming cons, fairie balls and other costume events, not to mention pics of the latest Organic Armor.

So follow us in 2011. Hope you enjoy what you find.