I’m torn about encouraging the waste and consumer hell of holiday shopping, yet, I want to share some cool people, places and things that you might want to spend your hard earned cash on.
So I’m going for it.

First off most folks don’t need more stuff. Experiences and creative opportunities are the best gifts and they don’t end up in the landfill. That said, being a maker of stuff, I encourage you to buy handmade for the holidays and all year round.

Here are some clothing designers that we know and love. Their work all looks real good with Organic Armor BTW!
Nikki of Prepare for the Playa makes Wild on the Inside faux fur garments for cold playa nights or winterwear.

The flowing shape of these Melodia yoga pants makes your shape beautiful too.

At Prepare for the Playa 2010 with founder Nikki in Wild on the Inside accessories

Zizzy Fay makes natural fiber clothing in wonderful shapes to layer. The colors are jewel and earth tones. The dryad outfit is my current favorite.

Next up, nice things come in small packages – like tickets to great events…