You’ve finished your fabulous costume at last, it’s 2 hours before you go out to the Halloween extravaganza to show it off. Oops, what shoes are you going to wear? Remember last year when you wore those boots that pinched your toes and made you miserable by 10 pm? Don’t do that again. But you can’t wear your flip flops with a stormtrooper/fairy princess/zombie pirate costume! What are you going to do? Here are some ideas to consider:


Find a pair of cheap shoes that fit comfortably and are the right shape for your costume and then alter them:  spray paint, cut holes, glue on beads, glitter or fabric (E6000 glue), draw or paint designs on them…

Paint on leather sneaks
Similar tutorial
Michael Jackson shoes
There is a whole world of customized sneakers, just Google it, or search on Flickr (start here) and you’ll find yourself on an interesting journey.

Make temporary covers for existing shoes or boots:

Furry (Burning Man style). Another furry one
Upcycle an old leather jacket into boot covers
How to Make Cosplay Boot Covers (no pictures)
Threadbanger version


Stilts and more stilt vids including how to walk on them without breaking your neck

Recycle old platforms and make them new again (comfy playa shoes)

No tutorial just pics but looks like layers of hard foam glued to sneakers…?

Digigrade werewolf stilts

With these you can leap tall buildings in your converse sneaks

You know those high lucite wedges?  Can you imagine them as mobile display cabinets of curiosity? This fashionista did just that – hacked her way into a pair and made some crazy looking spinal creations

Make shoes from scratch:

Make yer own boots (not as hard as it sounds with plenty of Gorilla glue and an old sweater). A similar tutorial.
gladiator sandals

ninja boots
ice age boots
elf shoes from leather
duct tape shoes (make them in under 2 hours)
Make authentic moccasins (from a primitive skills site)

Altered Shoes looks like a fun book

Try this fine establishment to buy old fashioned style, custom   artisan made boots that will last for decades.

Organic Armor has made various boot covers for custom costumes, including these for a  Tali cosplay costume.

tali legs dagger left arm

Dagger, leg and arm armor for cosplay of Tali from Mass Effect