Only 2 short months until October 31st – Halloween! Do you have some ideas yet? I didn’t want to wait for October for this series because you’ve got to have time for scavenging, ordering stuff online, sewing up a storm, making mistakes etc. Don’t wait until the last minute again!
Every weekday for the next month I’ll post tutorials and resources to help you DIY the perfect costume. And remember to accessorize with Organic Armor!

Showgirl Headdress –

Do you dream of dancing at the Folies Bergere in 1900, or the Tropicana in 1955? Or On the Vegas strip tomorrow night? Embrace your inner showgirl with a DIY headdress.

Quick and dirty tutorial from my top costuming site of all time, the Costumers’ Manifesto.
Long list of links about headdresses on a FB page,  from Joei Reed of the North Carolina Costumers Society.
This Montreal based samba costumer sells frames for headdresses, bras and backpack style wing anchors.

Things to attach to your headdress:
This Etsy site, Pegassus22, has loose feathers and pre-made feathered accents
Plastic Fruit

Beads – If you are able to get to downtown Los Angeles, go to Athenian Fashions. Very nice people, good selection.
if not try ArtBeads
or one of the hundreds of bead stores online (if you have another recommendation let me know).

#1 Glue for costumers – E6000. Sold at most craft and hardware stores. We use it for many things and you will too. But make sure you have good ventilation when you do. Phew!
Two headdress artisans on Etsy to inspire you.
Ooh lala!