We made another great connection through Model Mayhem a couple of weeks ago. San Diego fantasy photographer WarFlight shot some beautiful pics of one of our customers Stephanie.

It started out with Stephanie, who lives in San Diego,  finding us online and ordering a bustier set. She loved what we made her and sent us some photos she’d done of herself. She looked great but the pictures were dim snapshots. I asked if she’d be interested in modeling the outfit. She liked the idea so I did a search on MM and found Richard AKA WarFlight Wrong Studios. He loves shooting costumed scenes, has a good eye for drama, and makes a point of generously supporting new models and artists with trades. His tag line is “Costume Play, for Art’s Sake”.

So I contacted him. Turns out he’s been a fan for a while and was excited to work with us. He’d found us on DeviantArt. So I introduced him to Stephanie and, 2 weeks later, viola! Amazing what you can do 3000 miles away with an internet connection.

I  am so happy with these photos. I love the way they tell a story. The tarot is always a good source of rich imagery. Stephanie never modeled before but she did a wonderful job. All around warm fuzzy feelings!




See the rest of the set in WarFlight’s DA gallery.