This winter seems to be the season of the photoshoot. We joined ModelMayhem in December at the suggestion of local Asheville photrographer Eloise Farr . It’s a professional network with many excellent models and photographers. We’ve connected with some lovely people since then and are doing various rentals and trades over the next few months. By March we should have several sets of new fabulous pics to share. One of the benefits for clothing designers is that the model and photographer that use your work will post it on their pages too, so all of their friends and connections get to see it. It expands our reach 100 fold.

Paul is creating a wild bra and belt for Winter Wolf Studios in Cincinnati,  based on the fantasy artist Boris Vallejo’s paintings (see above).

Another local photographer, Nick , is using several OA pieces for a shoot this weekend. He came to our refrigerated studio last week to see it in person. Very nice guy.

Model Kelly Eden, based in Denver, has a great look that will compliment the armor beautifully. We’re still figuring out what we’ll collaborate on, maybe an underwater scene!

We’ve also got a steampunk thing in the works and probably at least one more something, before the busy summer season hits.