A few years ago Paul created armor outfits for a pair of pugs for an exhibit at the Cactus Gallery in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles. The show was called Dog is Love. Our son had recently made up a character named Skip the Flying Pug and was enthralled by all things puggy. Because of that we met a pug rescue lady. She was very enthusiastic, had 20+ pugs at home, and was a little crazy, as many dedicated people have to be. She loaned us 2 sweet dogs for the opening of the exhibit. It was so much fun seeing Paul arrive, with the dogs dressed to the nines. It was like the Oscars with all the camera flashes!

Blogger, Josh Carpenter discovered a picture from this event online somewhere and contacted us for an interview. He just posted it here.

Here’s a picture from that night, and another from a recent set of armor made for a beautiful husky in San Francisco for Halloween.

paul and pugs at opening luc