It’s been a slow getting back in the groove in the new studio since January but we finally finished 8 new circlets on Thursday and listed them in the shop. Wow! All but 2 have sold already. There are 4 more regular circlets in the works AND, tah dah, a whole new line!

These lovelies are more ornate and feature ocean life elements like tentacles and sharks teeth. Don’t worry though, no actual animals are used in any of Organic Armor’s work. It’s all sculpted or cast. This makes them ecofriendly, lightweight and durable.

We developed them for the Mermaid Alliance‘s exhibit at the ADEX Dive Expo in Singapore. We’re excited to be a part of this international event featuring conservationists, photographers, professional divers, ocean enthusiasts of all kinds, and lots of mermaids and mermen.  2018 is dedicated to sharks!

If you are in Singapore you should definitely check it out. I wish we could see it in person. Here in Asheville the spring weather has finally arrived, summer commissions are lining up and it’s Easter/Passover/Eostre!

May the blessings of spring shine on you!