We ran a giveaway for our newsletter subscribers last week with the Oogoo for Artists book. There was a lot of excitement and we ended up giving away 98 books! Many of those folks have joined the Facebook group for oogoo artists. You are welcome to be a part of it too, no purchase necessary.

The giveaway was part of our 10 for 10 years Anniversary celebration – 1 giveaway for each year, over the course of 2017. So far we’ve given away 5 online courses as well as all those books (we’re counting that as 1). We plan to giveaway 3 more courses around Halloween – possibly including one of the NEW Horned Headdresses courses! And in early December something special to finish off the year.

Why are we doing this? Because without our fans and customers we would not be here, plain and simple. Our company had the luck to start just as social media was taking off. We happily rode that wave as our work was shared by and to creative people all over the world. Now that a lot of those avenues are locked up behind paywalls, we are so grateful that our followers still like, share and comment on what we post. It keeps us in business! So we keep trying to give you cool stuff to react to, including free stuff!

If you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter, better do it! That’s where some of the giveaways get launched and there is always a discount coupon in each one. The form is in the footer of this wesbite. We only send out 5 or 6 per year so we won’t be innundating you with marketing crap.

Thank you!