castle shells headdress

Castle of Shells headdress

We are working with Emily Jones of Sonoran Muses on a wonderful photo shoot taking place right now in San Carlos, Mexico: Las Sirenas Portrait Retreat.

San Carlos is a small paradise nestled at the edge of the Sonoran Desert, right on the Sea of Cortez. The participants are staying at the Castle of Shells. I wish we could have stowed away in the box with the six new mer-themed pieces we made for this project.

Emily, based in Tucson, Arizona, has developed a unique approach in her photography, creating what she calls Goddess Portraits. She constructs elaborate headdresses with local flora and sets her models in beautiful desert environments. When she approached us about doing this collaboration I was impressed with the brilliant colors, textures, and stylized yet natural look of her images.

emily jones

photo by Sonoran Muses










She said “The makeup and hair styling possibilities are endless and I am constantly inspired by what each season has to offer.¬†Even more so, I am inspired by the amazing women I get to meet who understand that this project is more than just a glorified glamour shot. I want to provide women with an outlet to have a genuine experience of self-love while connecting to nature.”

Her style and the philosophy behind it really appealed to us so we agreed to make the headdresses and accessories for the shoot. We also love the idea of traveling to fabulous places to show off Organic Armor, so you might see more projects like this down the road!

Reminiscent of our own mission, Emily takes on the role of the artist shaman:

“When each woman steps in front of the mirror for the first time to see their styling transformation I am always taken aback when they respond with such gusto, likening themselves to goddesses, queens or nymphs.”

We live for those moments too.

We’ll share the results here when the photos from the shoot arrive and, take note, several of these pieces will be for sale after the shoot.