WOW headdress soridormiQueen Soridormi is a character in World of Warcraft. Cosplayer Sara commissioned this dramatic headdress and a bra, belt and cuffs this summer. She will be wearing it to BlizzCon, a Blizzard Entertainment con that celebrates all thing WOW in Anaheim, CA this weekend. See her in it here.

The pieces were a challenge to construct. Cosplay reference images are often conflicting – one has 6 points, one has 9, another has a different armband. Cosplayers vary in their desire for “accuracy”. We prefer to be a little loose with the specifics and go for the overall feeling, as well as wearability. That is a challenge too because a virtual character doesn’t have to worry about how bending over will effect the way their chestplate hangs. But humans do. Paul has become a master at interpreting and adapting to make them wearable.

Sara was very happy with her pieces and wrote us this heartfelt note last night.

I suppose it’s taken me some time to even put together the words to say in order to express how I feel about the set Paul created. I think I literally skipped around my living room for an hour wearing my helm. Each piece fits perfectly. The color is gorgeous and the tint of blue is exactly what I was looking for. I have been busily sewing the bottom piece together. Let me say this – the set altogether looks incredible. I’m beyond pleased and I can’t wait to share it with others next week. I will make sure to take photographs, too! There’s no doubt I’ll be commissioning you guys again in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making my vision become a reality.

That is what it all about for us – helping creative people manifest their costuming visions since 2007!

WOW cosplay soridormi