circlet bat filigree

Kristin of Bionic Unicorn in a filigree circlet and one of her lovely necklaces

We had such a busy month!

A big THANK YOU to all our patient and appreciative customers.

Between getting out orders for NY Comiccon, we were making inventory for LEAF. While staying up all night finishing Halloween orders we also made those gorgeous pieces for the fashion show in Pasadena. This week  it was an order for FaerieCon and one for Blizzcon kicking our butts.

AND at the same time we built a new website. Crazy idea in hindsight. But we did it!

November/December looks a little more mellow and we are looking forward to it. The mountains are full of brilliant oranges and reds now. The nights are frosty but the days are still warm. Life is good in Asheville.

May the ancestors bless you and the little goblins enchant you this Halloween!
Lots of love from Paul & Jen

ps – bragging a little, but we also passed 40K on our Facebook page this month <3