morrigan, headdress, goddess, horned

Radhika models the Morrigan headdress, photo by Nic Adams

She’s an Irish Goddess of the battlefield,  a shape shifter sometimes seen as a black feathered carrion feeder, sometimes as a beautiful lady in red. Our customer, an Australian dancer describes The Morrigan this way

“She is sensuous yet stripped down, an ancient archetypal image that evokes the traveller of other realms and transformer of useless paradigms”.

Paul was inspired by her description and our own research, and created this otherworldly headdress, belt and necklace.

I always say our customers are our best teachers and inspiration. This is a perfect example. When we align our design and engineering skills with your visions (and patience), magic happens.

Photos are by Nic Adams and the model is our own lovely Radhika Hersey.

morrigan, belt, goddess, costume morrigan, necklace, goddess, costume, jewelry