unicorn horn horse

Hope in her new unicorn horn

It’s been almost 2 months since I last posted here. Busy time. The new studio is 95% organized and is definitely functioning well. It’s able to maintain a comfortable temperature, despite many days in the 20’s here. The new work stations are so efficient!

The display area still needs to be set up. I have a vision of a mural on the wall and new display fixtures but that’s gone on hold for a while.

Paul just finished two Egyptian Mina belly dance sets. These sets now include backs on the belts, see in the photo. They are on their way to France and we hope to get some good pictures of them on Pixie and Aude sometime.

belly dance belt egyptian

Egyptian Mina Belly Dance belt with new back

He’s doing an all serpent version of the design now, for an Australian dancer who loves pythons.

We got a lot of buzz about our unicorn horn on Facebook and elseswhere. Windy from the frozen realms of Canada commissioned it for her appaloosa Hope. Isn’t she a beauty?

Projects in the works include a pair of ocean themed crowns, a unicorn horn for a person, some dog armor and a belly dance set based on Species. That is going to be amazing.