Hope y’all had a good holiday (those of you in the US). We did, though there was a little too much pie involved.

Work on the new studio is progressing. We have all the framing in and some drywall up, insulation in parts, thanks to Jeremy and his crew.  Looks like we’ll be back in there by mid December. Yahoo!

Meanwhile in the mini-studio Paul is making a pair of Akasha headdresses, an LED enhanced Ares helmet and a Dejah Thoris circlet and belt. Also in progress: a Loki themed corset and a King of Bourbon Street cowboy hat.

We’ll be sending out our Winter newsletter over the weekend, are you on the mailing list yet? There will be a special offer on holiday gift certificates enclosed. And check out the new listings in the shop – a bunch of colorful faun horns, new Hathor horns and a few other goodies.