Paul in the booth modeling new top hats with a friend

The con on Saturday was lots of fun. It was our first all steampunk con. It’s a brand new event so they had some kinks to work out, but overall it ran smoothly and everyone seemed to enjoy it. We did!

Met a bunch of people from The Steampunk Empire there. TSE is a social network for steampunk aficionados. That was where the people from Castle discovered us (we had some pieces used in their “Punked” episodes). It’s a friendly and active network with event listings, photo galleries and a forum.

Valentine Wolf (whom we first met at Con Carolinas) performed a great set. Sarah Black, one half of the duo, later modeled the new top hat for us.

This baby is high! We call it the Westfalia because we popped the top of a shorter hat to make it, just like those cool old VWs.


Sarah of Valentine Wolf models hat

Here’s another tall one, this designed by Lynnette. It’s got a circus wagon look.


Lynnette in the booth with her tall topper

These two hats are for sale. Think of the holiday gift potential for the right person!