Only 3 more days of my DIY Halloween series. Have you got an idea for your costume yet? Only 32 days left (really less because most of the parties are going to be on the 29th and 30th).

Over the month I’ve found a pile of interesting goodies that don’t fit into neat categories.  I’ve packed them up into two posts. Enjoy, and please join our mailing list (box to the left) to get the Organic Armor quarterly newsletters.

Recent Organic Armor circlets

Recent Organic Armor circlets

What type of glue should you use to stick plastic to wood? Leather to paper? Glass to styrofoam? Here’s a simple yet brilliant concept for a site:  This to That.  It’s got a calculator that gives several options for each connective question.

Instant rust might be useful for a zombie apocalypse or gothic decay theme (it’s not actually instant, takes 2 days to dry).

Easy silk flowers for hats, gowns….

I posted another version of one of these in the paper mache post, but a duct tape dress form really helps in constructing a costume. This one is from Threadbanger

Very good list of theatrical resources from Deadly Vintage Sweets.
Dig around the site, it’s got some other good lists. Here’s one of vintage photos and illustration, good for reference.

Corsets are a popular part of costumes these days, from burlesque to Star Wars.
Here’s a handy custom corset pattern generator.

Reference images and inspiration:
Circus poster museum
The Opulent Opera costume exhibit from FIDM (the same peeps that did the awesome Dressing a Galaxy exhibit, mentioned in my Star Wars post).  Dig around their site  for other exhibits too.

This looks like a fascinating book on the history of Halloween costumes. 100 years of photos, plus an essay “Glowing Turnips, Pointy Black Hats, & Insomniac Aliens: The Hybrid History of Halloween”.

From fang kits to casting compounds monster makers has a lot to offer.

Lastly, I’m a big fan of the generous creative sharing that goes on at All kinds of tips for costume making.