Scylla Creature Circlet

Scylla Creature Circlet

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The new Creature Circlets are here! More ornate than the regular filigree circlets, these feature sea creature elements. We developed  them for exhibit at the ADEX 2018 Mermaid Festival and are now taking a limited number of orders.

The Scylla circlet has winding tentacles, shark’s teeth, and a central marquis crystal framed with a scallop shell. Scylla (sill-ah) was the nymph turned sea monster who challenged Odysseus on his epic voyage.

Can be worn across the forehead, at the hairline, as a hairband or hatband. 14″ long, plus ties. One size fits most. Ties at the back.

No actual animals are used in our handmade wearable art. Made of rubber, fiber and acrylic, except for the crystal. Water resistant.

Last picture shows all three in the new line. This listing is for the top circlet only.

We are taking orders for a limited number of these. We are also offering some color choices in the online shop for the first time. Once your purchase is made, the piece will be made and shipped within 3 weeks.

Circlet color choices:
Dark Silver
Antique Gold
Silver Blue

Crystal color choices:
White with rainbow refractions
Deep Red
Cerulean Blue



This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.




Additional information

Circlet Color

dark silver, antique gold, silvery blue


white with rainbow, deep red, cerulean blue


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