Gothic Cincher MTO

Gothic Cincher MTO

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This is one of the new line designed to show off Paul’s beautiful and original cameos. A cincher is bigger than a belt, smaller than an underbust corset. It will dramatically accent whatever you wear, moving easily between costuming and a night out. Wear it with a flowing skirt, slinky gown, or even jeans.

The Gothic style cincher features an elegant skull cameo, with cobwebs, lace, filigree and black glass. Painted in silver and black. Lacing is black ribbon.

About Made to Order items (MTO):
We make the cinchers to order, by hand. Each one comes out a little different but we stick to the same design and colors seen in the photos. We will ship it about 2 weeks from purchase. You will be notified by email with an estimated ship date. US shipping cost is added to your purchase automatically in the shopping cart. International customers please read this.

About sizing:
The cinchers are meant to sit at waist level. They criss cross lace in the back through 4 sturdy D-rings. They come in 3 lengths (22″, 29″ and 36″) which includes the d-rings but not the lacing. Those lengths are NOT your waist size. The lacing is part of the style and also allows adjustability for size. A lacing width of 4″ to 8″ is recommended but it could be shorter or longer to your taste. Add your desired lacing width to 22, 29 or 36, to determine which length you should buy.

photo 1, 2 & 3: Tempus Fugit Design with Tristin Vitriol, and 4 with Whitney Diane


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