Liddy Ackerman has appeared in this blog before, with her beautiful Dryad costume. She took our Introduction to the Organic Armor Arts course in 2017. Her latest creation is a royal masterpiece – King Theoden’s armor, based on the Lord of the Rings films. She made this 10 piece armor set for her husband Alwin. It’s made of latex and fiber using the OAA techniques, except the pauldrons which are worbla. She also used the oogoo process to cast some of the ornament. Like the dryad costume, it took many painstaking hours, especially the scaled skirt. What an amazing result!

These photos are from the Trolls and Legends Festival in Mons, Belgium, which took place in April. Photos by Giuseppe Fioroni. 

Want to make your own brilliant armor? We will be holding a course giveaway on Instagram soon, and then a sale on the courses. So keep an eye out.