It’s been a heck of a winter but we got through it. Creating and releasing a new online course (Horned Headdresses), moving out of our old studio and building a new one, being unable to fill orders for more than 2 months. Kind of stressful!

Today I was able to unpack the very LAST of the boxes from the move. You know the ones at the end where you throw everything together randomly? Old coffee filters with jars of glass gems, dried up paint bottles tangled in satin ribbon? Hmm, not fun. But it’s all put away now!

We have a lovely outdoor covered workspace as well as the inside of our snug little studio. It’s half the size of the old one and pretty rustic, but it’s all ours and Paul can take a break and play with the dog, pull up some lemon balm for tea, say hello to his family.

I made a little gif that shows how we built it.

This summer we will give it an Organic Armor exterior paint job 🙂