IMG_1507We’ve been using Oogoo molds as part of the Organic Armor Arts process for 5 years. The beautiful cameos Paul sculpts get transfered to the armor via Oogoo molds.

Many of the small elements like skulls are made from clay and then multiples can be made using this easy and cheap moldmaking method.

They are far superior to the plaster we used to use. Other artists often asked us about them so we started teaching workshops to neighbors and friends. Those workshops have now been turned into a booklet that you can download as a PDF.

Let us show you how to Oogoo too!

Ideal for relief mold making, it uses common household supplies. Great for casting latex but you can also cast resin, clay, paper, plaster and much more. Purchase here.

Moldmaking can enhance costuming and other crafting in so many ways. Start exploring!