This project has been a long time coming. Our client had to put it on hold for about a year, so Mr. S’s half-made, uncanny mug has been staring at us from the corner, patiently waiting his turn for a while. I think it was worth the wait.

The Sith Lord Inquisitor is a character from the Star Wars game “The Old Republic”. He is a bad ass of the highest order, using the Force to wield his will through manipulation and exploitation.

This helmet took a lot of engineering to create a wearable, well balanced understructure. Paul took it apart many times to get it just right. He ventilated in the back and padded the key spots inside to make it comfortable.

Here it is from several angles. I look forward to seeing the rest of Brandon’s costume


IMG_6671 IMG_6672 IMG_6669


Paul Hersey painting the helmet