10570079_767290206675908_1555616979_nWe have been doing more on Instagram lately and in the process have discovered some of our customers there. One we are especially excited about is Neon, a world class belly dance performer and instructor. If you have ever shopped for a belly dance instruction video, you’ve seen her work.

She commissioned a beautiful trio of dance bras, belts and armbands in 2010 for a performance called Anime Assassins. In the photos here she beautifully demonstrates how investing in a set like this will pay off over time, because she continues to use them in performances and videos to this day. She also shows how they can be accessorized in a variety of creative ways, from Isis wings to candelabras.

If you are considering making a personal commitment to more dance in your life, maybe as a New Year’s resolution, definitely check out Neon’s instructional videos.

And if you are dreaming of a unique dance costume commission for 2015, contact us, we would love to help you manifest it!


Angelys, Neon and Jenna Rey ham it up in their Anime Assassins costumes


From Neon’s video “Liquid Gold”

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