cleopatra-headdress-egyptian-costumeWe can finally show the pictures of the amazing headdress we made for Jaydee this winter. This headdress is based on the one Elizabeth Taylor wore in the 1963 film Cleopatra (the start of her romance with Richard Burton!).

It is 26″ from chin feathers to top of the plume and weighs less than 5 pounds. It ties on at several points in the back and also has hidden loops for hair pins. The plume is actually removable which gives performing options as well as ease of transport.

Here’s great quote from Jaydee about wearing our pieces while performing. It’s a mutual admiration club:

As a tribal Bellydancer I often wear very heavy costuming and head pieces. I found this too often weighed me down on my performance and restricted my range of movement. The best thing about Organic Armor’s work is that, not only are they beautiful beyond words but they are so light and secure to dance in, I  forget I am wearing them at all.

They are comfortable. My very large  headdress is even secure enough to do deep laybacks in without worrying about it falling off or straining my neck for weight. They give an authentic heavy metal look without the weight and strain of genuine metals, and the flexibility of the latex allows for a full range of  motion. I highly recommend their services!

Jaydee created a powerful theatrical fusion dance for Tribalfest 14 and the headdress set it off beautifully. Watch the performance here.