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Off topic for a minute here – have you guys seen the Facebook videos from Veritasium (embedded below)?

We have never bought “likes” on Facebook but I can see why it’s tempting for new pages. According to the 1st video it can cause more problems than it solves.

We are so grateful for the many engaged fans we have there, but I’ve been sensing something rotten about their business model over the last 18 months. Derek points right to it.

They should be able to make money on what they’ve created, but as laid out in the 2nd video, they seem to have set up the three players in the viewer/advertiser/creator relationship to work against each other. I guess they think their huge numbers will overcome anything.

Our company is thriving because of social media. It’s allowed us to find and talk to the creative people all over the world who want to wear our art. I think the key to using it is to be consistent with good content, stay up to date on how it’s evolving, and to diversify your outreach.

This is why we’ve been putting more energy into twitter , instagram and pinterest lately. Now I’m thinking – youTube! Time for more videos 🙂

Thanks for the links Maggie!

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