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photo by Bionic Unicorn with Samantha Rei

We get requests from photographers and models almost everyday, from all over the world, asking if they can borrow things for a shoot. We have participated in many TFP shoots since 2010, when we first signed up for Model Mayhem. It has been a very positive experience for the most part.

The synergy of a team of talented people (even if they are thousands of miles apart) who share an aesthetic, results in amazing work. The effect of all the team members sharing the images and credits on their own channels gets everyone’s name out in front of new eyes. We are big fans of this process but the number of requests we receive has increased ten fold over the last few months.

To make responding to these simpler, saving everyone a bit of time, I just wrote up some GUIDELINES about how we will be doing these collaborations in the future. Please read it before you send an inquiry.

I wanted to list all the photographers and models we’ve worked with up until now in this post, but just realized that that would take all day!

I have to go make some pies for a Christmas party, so here is a little sampling.



photo by Hannah Coombs, model Incendra Soul

organic-armor & royal-peasantry-photo-michael-tracey-1

photo by Michael Tracy, model Allegra Torres


photo by WinterWolf Studios, model Winter


Detail from Dark Beauty steampunk spread, by Laura Dark