giger belly dance species biomech eve

HR Giger inspired belly dance set

Paul designed this beautiful belly dance set for a dancer in New York who was inspired by the look HR Giger’s work (as we are). She liked the look of the character of Eve in the Species films so he studied those forms and motifs, refining and combining them. A belly dance costume doesn’t offer a huge surface to work upon so the elements had to represent in an essential way.

He sculpted the pauldons from clay and cast them. The headdress is made to fit over a custom dread fall with a tentacle effect. The shape of the belt and belt exagerate the mechanical parts but emphasize the sexy female form underneath. We are really happy with the results. Our studio neighbor Nic Adams offered to shoot it at the last minue and Incendra Soul lit up the place with it on. Wow.

hrgiger biomech eve belly dance

Montage of details from the Biomech Eve set