lake eden arts festival

early morning on Lake Eden

We were vendors at the Lake Eden Arts Festival on Mother’s Day weekend and it was a blast!

It’s in Black mountain, NC, just 20 minutes away from home, nestled in a sweet summer camp in the woods. It is the location of the famous Black Mountain College of the 1940s and 50s, which was a cauldron of avant garde creativity, hosting teachers like Buckminster Fuller and John Cage.

We decided to try this one instead of our usual May Day Spoutwood Fairy Festival in Pennsylvania because it’s local and easy to get to. How nice to be able to drive home when you forget something (which we always do).

We were hesitant until now because, although Asheville folks love costuming, they don’t tend to buy higher priced items. Wages are low here. But we came up with some new lower cost items (some of which will be showing up in the online store soon), and streamlined the production on some others so we could lower the prices a bit. It worked!

We sold out of faun horns, cernunnos horns and rams horns and did well with many other items. People really loved our stuff and we got lots of praise and photos taken.

Many of our friends go to the festival and it was fun to show off our booth and wares to them. We made new friends too and will definitely be back in October (right before Halloween!).

cernunnos hornsrams horns faun pants antlers goat horns