final fantasy cosplay

Edea headdress from Final Fantasy 8, in process

Paul is working on one of the last custom orders before we launch into full time inventory making for the summer shows. It’s a headdress based on the one that Edea of Final Fantasy 8 wears. It’s a wonderful asymmetrical piece that will be painted in brighter colors than we usually use.

As I wrote in January, we have been re-examining our custom order policy. We’ve decided that we will no longer be doing them year round. We will use our quieter time in the winter to make complicated pieces like the Greenwoman vest, Ventus armor and Edea headdress.We’ll take orders for those kinds of pieces starting when we get back from CA in August. Once we are booked through the end of February we won’t take any more for the season.

Exceptions will occasionally be made (like if Peter Jackson calls!) so go ahead and ask.

However if the thing you want is similar to our regular work – like a rams horn circlet but with a different band style – we will still do that kind of thing year round.

Asheville is enjoying a beautiful early spring day today. Hope it’s lovely where you are!