I’ve been spending hours on these posts, whew! It’s fun but I get carried away. Going to try and simplify the topics a bit.

So today it’s about EYES – a few resources and tutorials to enhance your eyes as part of your costume.

Start with some wild or creepy contact lenses. Then add some extra long eyelashes in crazy colors and textures. How about light up eyelashes?

Are you myopic? If you can’t leave the glasses at home on Halloween night, integrate them into the costume, a la Elton John….

OR cover your glasses with a mask, like these beautiful handmade leather ones, by our Fairie Festival friend Lawrence Wood of Fantasy Guilde Studios.

And of course, if you want to be steampunk you must have GOGGLES. Some tutorials for making your own:
Deviant Art

Organic Armor hasn’t done a lot of masks, but we have made a couple of these dark and beautiful skull helmets with a mask built in.

And one more thing, if you want to incorporate some cool fake eyes into something you’re making (jewelry, assemblage….) try Van Dykes taxidermy eyes.  They are good quality, strangely realistic,  and reasonably priced.


Custom skull mask/helmet