steampunk allegra top hat bra

Allegra in a steampunk style bra and belt

Steampunk is another huge genre and there are many places to go for tutorials on elements of a SP costume. Try Instructables, Costumers Manifesto and Steampunk Empire.

I posted some goggle-how-tos on my Eyes Have It post, but these are super cool – Light Up Goggles and would have fit in yesterdays EL Wire & Light FX post as well.

Speaking of other posts in our blog series, this steamy plastic gun mod could have gone on the prop weapon post.

A selection of SP how-tos:
Leather Skypirate helmet/cap
All about bustles, including some patterns
SP Skirt pattern
Beaded continuum bracelet from Chrononaut Mercantile
Steampunk boot covers

Neat lo-tech special effect to use as a prop:
Madame Leota effect with ipod
Pepper’s ghost effect


Great Flickr gallery of a shoot by Independent Expressions (Note the layers of color and texture, lots of belts, the little details like the watch chain)
Clockwork Couture