Other artists often ask us how we make our molds. Let us show you how to Oogoo too!
It’s a simple (2 ingredients), cheap ($1 for a small mold) and fast (20 minutes) process for relief mold making, using common household supplies. We cast latex in our molds but you can cast resin, clay, paper, plaster and much more. This PDF download has 23 pages of information including:
  • 5 simple steps to make an Oogoo mold
  • Materials lists and resources
  • 8 ways to take it further
  • 60+ photos and diagrams
  • Glossary of mold making terms
We did not invent this cool stuff but have refined the method over several years to fit our needs. We want to share it with other artists because Oogoo is a great way to start exploring how moldmaking can enhance your costuming and other crafting work.  This book has something to offer artists from beginners to experts. You will receive the link to the PDF download on the checkout page after purchase. If you can't find it or close the page and can't get it back,  email me. The book is about 2500K.
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