Organic Armor understands the unique needs of belly dancers. We have been making custom dance sets since 2009 and have a fine collection of examples here.

Each piece is sculpted by hand from latex rubber, fiber and acrylic. Almost any shape and texture is possible with our unique construction methods. The comfort, durability and ease of movement in a costume are as important to us as the look of it. Every piece is made individually, with careful attention and love. There are no cookie-cutter patterns.

Award winning dancers commission one-of-a-kind costumes from us. Below is a selection of videos showing some of them dancing in our work.

Eight Years of Custom Dance Costumes

It started in 2008 with Sabrina from San Diego. She ordered a custom set and wore it to GothLA, an alt Belly dance show in Los Angeles. Here’s an article about her performance there, dancing to Ministry’s “Thieves”. That is not your typical belly dance sound track and we do not make your typical costume.

Then we designed something for local Asheville dancer Kristi Renee in 2009. In this video you can see her in our studio talking about why she loves what we made. It’s also a peek at the messy studio before we remodelled in 2013.

Our first belly dance festival was in October 2010, TribOriginal, organized by the amazing Onca O’Leary. We met many lovely people there, and learned a lot about what the community looks for in style and function. We returned every year until the event ended in 2013.

In 2011 we made a set of three gorgeous costumes for the NYC troupe of superstars known as Venus Uprising, led by Neon of World Dance New York. This video shows how beautifully they showcase the work of the dancers.

Jaydee Amrita Copperfield and Badia of Sacramento both won awards dancing in our costumes in 2013. Read more about that here.

Here’s Jaydee again, in the magnificent Cleopatra headdress she commissioned, dancing at TribalFest 2014. She even gave us credit in her introduction. Read more about this project here.

Features of Our Costumes

Our bras can be made in just about  any size or color. Irridescent, metallic and leather-like surfaces are our specialties. We reinforce the bras for the extra stress that dancers put on them. We offer the criss-cross back style for a snug fit. We can include hidden loops on all pieces so you can add coins or other shimmery things.

The belts take many forms and are usually designed to tie at the hips, making them easily adjustable for size fluctuations. Headdresses large and small, upper armbands, bracers, necklaces… we make all the accessories you can dream up to complete your custom dance set.

The price depends on the complexity of the design but start at 800.00 USD for a bra and belt. Commissions require a 25% deposit. Payment plans for the remainder are available.

Let us create something wild and wonderful for you to dance in! Send us a note with a description of your idea. We’ll give you a price and a timeframe and go from there.

“As a tribal Bellydancer I often wear very heavy costuming and head pieces. I found this all too often weighed me down on my performance and restricted my range of movement, even becoming off putting at times.

The best thing about Organic Armor’s work is that not only are they beautiful beyond words but they are so light and secure to dance in I forget I am wearing them at all.

They are comfortable and my very large headdress is even secure enough to do deep laybacks in without worrying about it falling off or straining my neck for weight. They give an authentic heavy metal look without the weight and strain of genuine metals and the flexibility of the latex allows for a full range of motion. I highly recommend their services!”
Jaydee Amrita Copperfield

 I heard the whole room gasp when I walked out. The headdress is just …lol … out of this world. I became one with it. I was able to get very aggressive with the headdress. I performed head rolls and whipped the dreads around like it was my own hair. I had full freedom and control.”
Giselle Mencio


Biomech Eve dance set, commissioned by Giselle Mencio

sabrina bronze age belly dance

Sabrina in her Bronze Age set, Hawkstone Park, UK