This is a prototype of the new line, designed to show off Paul’s beautiful and original cameos. A cincher is bigger than a belt and smaller than an underbust corset. It will dramatically accent whatever you wear, moving easily between costuming and a night out. Wear it with a flowing skirt, slinky gown, or even jeans.

The Moon Maiden style cincher features a delicate cameo of a maiden reclining on the moon, accented with sunburst, friendly moon faces, stars and scrolls. Painted in gold, silver and black. Lacing is black ribbon.

About sizing:
Our cinchers are meant to sit at waist level. They lace criss-cross style in the back through 8 sturdy D-rings.

This cincher is 27″ long not including the lacing, and 6″ wide in the center. The lacing is part of the style and also allows adjustability for size. A lacing width of 4″ to 8″ is recommended but it could be shorter or longer to your taste (see photo for a visual on that). We also have  made-to-order Moon Maiden cinchers if you need another size option.

photo 1 & 2 by Tempus Fugit Design with Credella Credle